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beachgalo7's Journal

23 January
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I am 16 years old, and have a brother and sister that drives me CRAZY!! But my Family is Important to me!. My Papa is who I admire the most for SOOO many reasons! (I DONT KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO WITHOUT HIM!!!!)I have the most Amazing boyfriend!:) My baby's name is Puddin she is a pretty red nose pit bull, I also have a horse named Abby. I attend Springhead Baptist Church. I am a Junior at Plant City High School, Home of the Raiders. Class of 2007 baby! "Git r dun". I am a Senior in Girl Scouts. I also take Tae Kwon Do I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC!!!!! I LOVE to go shopping, when I have the money! (WHICH IS HARDLY EVER!) As of right now I babysit 6 kids. I love Hanging out with my "CLOSEST FRIENDS" when I get the chance!I love u guys! :*LAURA*,Brittany,Christina,Jamie,Megan,Sammy,Jessi,Cassy.
I can usually be found on the internet, believe me ask my friends!!!! LOL! :)
I come off as quiet, but believe me when I get to know you I can talk your EARS OFF!! :)
I enjoy the Beach every summer!!! Take Care and God Bless! :)
$$$$$, air conditioners, american idol, and you! :) lol, animals, babes, balloons, barbeque, barbeque ribs, bathingsuits, beach, bealls, beds, belts., blowdriers, bowling, brad paisley, brad pitt, buccaneers, butts, cameras, candy, cards, cell phone, clothes, cmt, confitors, cops, cowboys, craig morgan, crosses, cushions, dale j.r., deoderent, driving, dudes, dvd, education, electricity, english, eyes, fabric softner, family, flowers, food, football, fox news, friends, frozen water, god, golfing, grades, gum., hairbrush, heaters., highlights, holidays, hotties, hugs and kisses, humor, i love you's, ice, ice cream, internet, jackets, jeff gordon, jennifer aniston, jewlery, joey, josh gracin, keith urban, kelly clarkson, kenny chesney, ketchup, king of queens, leonardo decaprio, light, lips, livejournals, lotions, makeup, mathew perry, monkeys, montgomery gentry, moonlight, movies, music, my actions, my future, nail polishes, new places, newspaper, old navy, one tree hill, pajamas, palm trees, parties, people, people magazine, pepsi, pets, pictures, pilows, pineapples, pool, proactiv., purses, rascal flatts, sarah michelle gellar, scents, shampoo and conditioner, shania twain, sheets, shoes, shopping, showers, simple life, sleeping, smiles, soap, srawberries, straightners, strawberries, sugar, summer, summerland, sunglasses, sunlotions, sunsets, sweet tea, swimming, t.v, taekwondo, teddy bears, the bible, tim mcgraw, toby keith, toilet paper, toilets, tom cruise, tomatoes, tommy hilfigher, toothbrush, toothpaste, trace adkins, ty pennington, vacations, vcr, washing powders, water